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"Once Upon A Time in San Antonio" Short FilmYoung Woman (principal)Dir. Will Shipley
"Pizza Joint" Feature FilmIsabella (principal)Dir. Wiliam Leonardo Molina
"Remake" Short FilmRaven (principal)Dir. Scott Langford
"Kendall County Hunters" Short FilmJuanita Kendricks (principal)Dir. Scott Langford
"Mudslingers" Short FilmEsperanza (principal)Dir. Joshua Thomas
"Machete Kills" Feature FilmSexy Nurse (featured extra)Dir. Robert Rodriguez
"Dead In Tombstone" Feature FilmSaloon Escort (featured extra)Dir. Roel Reine
"Unknown Caller" Short FilmMistress (featured extra)Dir. Scott Langford


"From Dusk Till Dawn" TV Series, Ep. 106Head Lab Worker (featured extra)Dir. Dwight Little
All-Star Mitsubishi Holiday Commercial English & Spanish SpokespersonQuarter Moon Productions
"From Dusk Till Dawn" TV Series, Ep. 103Head Lab Worker (featured extra)Dir. Eduardo Sanchez
"From Dusk Till Dawn" TV Series, Ep. 102Head Lab Worker (featured extra)Dir. Robert Rodriguez
"Estudio Dos" Music TV ShowBackup DancerAaron Reyes